Almost half of UK drivers don’t know how to jump-start a car, Halfords finds


Drivers in the UK are remarkably unprepared for the winter period, with 46% of those surveyed by Halfords admitting that they would be unable to jump-start a car if it broke down.

The leading car-parts retailer uncovered a series of worrying signs that British drivers are putting themselves and others in danger ahead of one of the most precarious periods of the year on the roads.

It has also been revealed that 51% of drivers aged between 25 and 34 would be likely to continue driving their car even if they were aware of an issue with it.
Moreover, nearly a third (30%) of drivers surveyed in the UK would drive on for more than a month with a chip in their windscreen and over half don’t know that they could be driving with tyres that don’t meet the standards set by the law.

Chipped windscreens and balding tyres are amongst the most dangerous of issues in treacherous conditions on the roads of Britain, so safety and preparation is crucial no matter how new a car or how good its driver might be, Halfords has warned.

Preparing for long journeys

Christmas time often sees motorists making longer journeys than usual when it comes to visiting relatives, but the survey also revealed that a low proportion of drivers take the necessary precautions before setting off.

Almost a quarter of UK drivers don’t check their vehicle before going on a long journey, a quarter don’t check oil levels at all and 31% only check screen wash levels once it stops working or runs out.

When asked about tyre conditions, it was discovered that over a third of drivers (35%) are unaware that the front and back tyres require different pressure levels for optimum performance, which makes their long-distance journeys even more hazardous than the winter weather would alone.

Halfords’ Paul Tomlinson- Category Manager offered a helping hand to unconfident motorists throughout the season: “We know winter can be a stressful time for drivers, as rain, ice, sleet and snow can cause delays.

“Whether you are driving to work or driving home for Christmas, Halfords is here to give you peace of mind and help you on your way with our free winter car checks and fitting services for blades, bulbs and batteries, available to all motorists at our shops and autocentres.”

The free winter car check is available at Halfords for all drivers who call in and enquire in-store.

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